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स्‍वच्छ-भारत अभियानhttp://
web site hosting/webreg.doc_blank
web hosting services./webservice.htm
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video conferencing./vcraj.htm
various results (hosted by nic)http://results.nic.in/_blank
url registration under nic.inregistration%20of%20website%20url.doc_blank
state govt calendercal/cal.htm
software developmentmailto:sioraj@nic.in
skoch awardshttp://
right to informationhttp://www.home.nic.in/rti_blank
recruitments in nichttp://recruitment.nic.in/_blank
rajasthan state e-procurement portalhttp://www.eproc.rajasthan.gov.in_blank
rajasthan legislative assemblyhttp://rajassembly.nic.in/_blank
pehchan (civil registration system)http://pehchan.raj.nic.in/_blank
passport statushttp://passport.gov.in/_blank
national e-governance awardshttp://
intra site for nic-rjsc employeeshttps://intraraj.raj.nic.in_blank
integrated finance management system- ifmshttp://ifms.raj.nic.in/
indian railways enquiryhttp://indianrailways.gov.in/_blank
important numbers/help lines./nic_offices.htm
high court cause listhttp://causelists.nic.in/_blank
healthy indiahttp://healthy-india.org/_blank
government of rajasthanhttp://rajasthan.gov.in/_blank
government of indiahttp://india.gov.in/_blank
email subscriptionhttps://mail.nic.in/docs/subscriptionform1.htm_blank
email serviceshttp://deity.gov.in/content/email-policy_blank
dns registrationformdns.pdf_blank
district centresdistricts.htm
csi-nihilent awardshttp://
central public procurement portalhttp://www.eprocure.gov.in_blank
central govt calenderhttp://india.gov.in/calendar/calendar.php
apna khata (jamabandi)http://apnakhata.raj.nic.in/_blank
accessing intra-nic sites over internethttps://sconnect1.nic.in/nic_blank

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